Job Title: Chief Operating Officer

Required: Bachelor of Science in Food Science or related degree; and 10-years executive management experience in the food or beverage industry.

Duties: The Chief Operating Officer (COO) will have nationwide and worldwide responsibility to oversee the company operations its procedure and policies of Sun Garden Specialty Tea, Inc.  Sun Garden Specialty Tea is a multi-million dollar company that sources, imports, and blends custom formulated teas.  Our vision is built on four pillars: Custom Formulations, Organic Tea, Fair Trade Tea, and Merchant Importing. The position is at the highest executive team answering only to the Chief Executive Officer.  The COO devises corporate strategies and policies to ensure the company meets its goals. The COO also plans, directs, and coordinates executive operational activities and set sets company strategies.The COO will attend to the office of the CEO todeliver business strategies, create company culture and policies as well assetting operational standards and the expectation for all business output. The COO will also head the committee to recruit and support senior management teams.  The COO is also responsible for winning business in the US and worldwide as well as nurture new client relationships.  The COO represents the company in the public forum, at conferences, trade exhibitions and international marketing congresses.Specific duties are broken down into percentages:

40% Lead, establish, and direct the implementation of organizational goals, policies, and procedure:

Corporate vision;
– Direct Company operational output including production policies and goals;

30% Oversee company financial and budgetary policies and activities

– Direct and lead financial officers and finance departments to meet company financial initiatives and goals;
– Meet with financial department heads and to review and identify places to reduce expenditure and to improve performance, policies, and programs;
– Review and analyze financial statements, sales reports, and other performance indicators prepared by finance departments and department managers in order to draft and implement company policies and establish financial goals;

20% Meet with other senior staff and executives/management staff, and board members to critique, improve and assess current operational activities, policy, and company direction as well as implement new or amend policies;

10% Represent company to negotiate or approve contracts and agreements and serve as the highest level executive management team at meetings with vendors and meetings.

10% Convene executive staff including the office of the CEO to appoint departmental leadership and management.

Contact: Sun Garden Specialty Teas, Inc. 1112 Westminster Ave. Alhambra, CA 91803.  To apply interested parties contact Sun Garden Specialty Teas, Inc. Attn: Stefan Predut, Controller at