Sungarden Tea is one of the largest certified importers and processors of organic teas in North America. We make it our priority to be environmentally and socially conscientious as we conduct our business. At every link in the organic production chain from the estates to the tea factory, from blending and to packaging, we diligently uphold the organic integrity of each process. Our belief in organics coupled with the growing demand in the global market has positioned us to be at the forefront of organics in the US marketplace today.

We carry a vast array of products on our Organic System Plan Summary (OSPS). All these products are compliant to NOP. And where required by our customers, they can be EEC 2092/91, US/Japan arrangement or CAAQ compliant.

Fair Trade
Sungarden Tea is an accredited Fair Trade importer and processor. In both 2007 and 2008, we were the largest importer of Fair Trade Tea into North America. We believe in the strength of the Fair Trade System. Our commitment to the ongoing importance and relevance of the Fair Trade System is reflected in the large selection of Fair Trade Organic teas we have in our inventory.

Among Sungarden’s accreditations is Kosher Certification. The ability to add special proprietary blends to our Kosher certificate helps our customers better compete.

Since 2007 Sungarden Tea’s facility in Alhambra California has been HACCP certified by BRS. The safety of our product produced by us is paramount, and we strive for continuous improvement of our standards.